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Many changes have recently taken place in the contact lens industry. The biggest advance is the introduction of silicone plastics. Even though silicone materials have been around for some time, they didn't work well for soft contact lenses because the stiffness of the plastic and the surface dryness lead to discomfort.

The biggest advantage of silicone materials is that they allow a great deal of oxygen to flow through them.

Just recently, lens manufacturers have developed ways to make them less stiff and more wettable, which makes them more comfortable.


Say goodbye to dry!!

The new Oasys™ lens from ACUVUE® maker Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson may be the best of the new wave of silicone soft contact lenses. Family EyeCare Center is involved with the Oasys lens early product launch, and we are thrilled with the lens performance. Smooth and soft, many patients can hardly feel it when it's on.


See your world in High Definition!

The new PureVision™ contact lens by Bausch & Lomb allows so much oxygen to pass through to the eye that the FDA has approved it for up to 30 days of continuous use. PureVision is now also available as a toric lens for astigmatism.

We have one of the best selections of new contact lenses anywhere in the Area. Whether you have eyes with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or simply blurred reading views we can help you with contact lenses. Ask us about contact lenses today.

Contact Lens Fitting

There are literally hundreds of types of contact lenses available. Determining what is best for you is our job. There may actually be a dozen types of lenses that may work for you, but only one or two will be optimal. In order to determine the best type of contact lens for you, specific contact lens measurements may be necessary. The doctors at Envision Eye Care is at the forefront in contact lens technology. Our doctor has participated in many contact lens clinical studies that have benefited thousands of their patients. Envision Eye Care has a large and complete contact lens inventory. In most cases, our doctor at Envision Eye Care can start the fitting process the same day as you general eye examination. 85% of our patients can be successfully fit their first visit. Our extensive contact lens inventory and expertise will save you time and frustration. The large inventory also allows for super quick emergency service. We guarantee you will be happy with your service and your new contact lenses. You will never be stuck with contacts that don't fit!

If you have additional questions, please email or call us. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. If you would like to book a free LASIK consultation, click here or call our Laser Vision Correction department at 989-799-2020 in Saginaw, and 989-872-4900 in Cass City .