The cost of your Lasik procedure


Laser Vision Correction is a clear choice for many people today because it offers long term financial value. There’s reduced dependency, if any, on glasses and contacts. Over the course of just a few years, laser vision correction is projected to be less than the cost of glasses and/or contacts.

Cost Comparisons – Glasses/Contacts vs LASIK:

Over a lifetime, the cost of glasses and contacts can be very expensive.

Consider the following costs on average:

  • Annual eye exam – $75
  • Contact lent fitting fee – $50+
  • Contacts – 1 year supply – $250+
  • Lens cleaning solution – $120
  • Glasses (updated every 2 years) – $500 ($250 annual)
  • Problems associated with contact lens wear – $ variable

Total cost for contacts and glasses would be $750 per year without problems. Prices will vary based on contact lens choice and frame style and lens options chosen.  The LASIK procedure would be paid for within 6 years, and over 10 years LASIK would yield a savings of $2500-3000 on average over glasses and contacts.


The Cost of the Procedure:

  • Exam Fee includes:
    • Initial Exam
    • Patient Education
  • Procedure Fee includes:
    • Wave Scan custom measurements
    • Treatment
    • Follow-up Care for One Year

Envision Eye Care and Dr. Krebs can also partner with your primary eye care professional (your optometrist) to provide the post-treatment care.


Payment options:
At Envision EyeCare, we offer several convenient payment options to meet your needs:

  • Low Monthly Payment Plan through Care Credit healthcare financing
  • Cash or Check
  • MasterCard, Visa and Discover


Convenient and affordable financing is available. Our staff can help you arrange the best method and/or options available to you.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you about your financing options.

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