I had LASIK surgery in July 2011 at Envision by Dr. David Krebs. I was tired of dealing with all of the problems associated with contact lenses, including frequent eye infections, constant irritation, redness in both eyes and the maintenance required of the contact lenses. Purchasing new contact and cleaning supplies was certainly expensive, totaling roughly $200-$250 every year. Wearing glasses was another option I had, but never felt comfortable in them. I play many sports, so the irritating contact lenses, were my only option until I had LASIK surgery.

I have been considering LASIK surgery for probably ten years. The biggest deterrent for me was the fear of pain! Technology has come a long way since LASIK surgery was invented, and I finally reached the point where I felt I could handle the procedure. The cost of LASIK surgery was also a reason why I waited so long. Fortunately, the cost has come down tremendously over the last few years, making it affordable for most people. With the money I will save on contact lenses and supplies, I will come out ahead in the long-run.

I spoke with Dr. Krebs several time before making the decision to have the surgery, and he was VERY helpful and supportive throughout this process. I was quite nervous the few weeks before getting LASIK surgery, but realized that I had no reason to be concerned. The procedure is PAIN FREE, with just a little discomfort due to the pressure that is placed on the eye. It only takes roughly 30 minutes to complete both eyes and your vision is instantly in the 20/20 range!

For me, one eye is now 20/10 and the other is 20/15. My eyes feel AMAZING! I no longer deal with the constant discomfort of wearing contacts or glasses. After having dozens of infections from wearing contact lenses. I haven’t had one since the surgery. It certainly has been a life-changing experience for me. I am very thrilled that I made the decision to have LASIK surgery! I would have definitely had the surgery years ago if I had known how amazing and simple the procedure turned out to be, with vision that is now better than 20/20.

I want to thank Dr. Krebs and all the staff at Envision for the great care they have given to my eyes! They have an amazing staff with great experience! I would definitely recommend Dr. Krebs to anyone!

-Brian Feldman